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Child & Youth Yoga & Programs

Tween and Teen Yoga Class with Martina

Join Martina for weekly Tween & Teen Yoga & Mindfulness Class. A space for all things TEEN! The lives of the modern-day teenager are full of deadlines, responsibilities and to-do lists. Already learning to function in adult-like ways, the demands placed upon this age group can create havoc on their nervous system. From homework to housework, from piano to sports practice, from trends to time with friends…TEENS don’t stop.

Martina’s teen yoga classes and courses are where we explore the body’s natural movements through yoga, honouring its changes and capabilities. Learning to cultivate respect for our bodies while challenging ourselves to grow. Exploring the potential of the mind to help us, not hinder us, at times of likely stress. Crafting the space to remain curious and sustain a joyful outlook as we get caught up in “adulting”.


Day: Mondays 

Starts: January 8, 2024

Times: 17:15-18:15 and 18:30-19:30

Ages: 12-14

Fee: Drop in 15€ per class or €50 for a pack of 4 classes (valid for four weeks)

All mats, props and equipment will be provided.

A 6-week Yoga course for Curious Growing Minds with Martina

Join Martina for a journey of Yoga, the senses, the internal and external world. Each week, your tween/ teen will learn movement practices and emotional regulation techniques and engage in fun activities that take the pressure off and enable them to feel stronger and more confident in who they are (becoming).



Week 1: An Introduction to Yoga

Week 2: Yoga and the Ground

Week 3: Yoga and sound

Week 4: Yoga and Creativity

Week 5: Yoga and Emotions

Week 6: Yoga and My World


Day: Wednesdays

Starts: January 10, 2024

Time: 17:15-18:15 and 18:30-19:30

Ages: 12-16

Fee: €70 for the full course


All mats, props, equipment, workbooks and activity materials will be provided.

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