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Child & Youth Counselling

Virtual or In Person.

Starting at 65€ Per Session.

Book No-Charge 10-Minute Consultation.

Our Child & Youth Therapist focuses on therapeutic work personalized to the developmental needs of your child, youth or family. They will work one on one with clients, provide family therapy and also facilitate group sessions addressing a variety of topics and needs for parents and children. It is important to note that the social skills group sessions are open to ALL children, as for many of the groups; the focus is around social skills development, which is beneficial for all children and youth. They specialize in child and youth behavioural, mental, developmental and learning disorders and disabilities. They help their clients uncover their capabilities, achieve the full expression of their intellect and abilities, provides them with coping tools and new skill sets while providing support and opportunities for growth. 

Individual Therapy & Family Therapy

Sessions can be family centred or direct one-on-one work with the child, youth, or consultation work directly with parents/guardians for those individuals seeking some guidance with the child/youth in their life. These sessions will be tailored to the client based on their disability, diagnosis and/or needs.

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