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Somatic Healing

In Person

Somatic Activated Healing (SAH Method) is a movement-based practise centralised around releasing emotions and the felt sense. Through the use of meditation, breath, repetitive movement, free movement, and affirmation, we are working to release stagnant energy in the body. In contrast to other modalities like psychotherapy, this is a “bottom-up” approach to healing, meaning we are using the body as the entry point and work from here to promote the healing of our entire organism.

As we release stagnant energy, we reduce triggers, we begin to relate differently to our stories, and we free up space for free energy to move through. We have to feel it to heal it and we can only feel it if we are in contact with our bodies. Through allowing ourselves to move freely and express ourselves we begin to shake off the shackles of “the norm” & the boxes we have consciously or unconsciously put ourselves into.

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