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Private & Group Yoga Session

Virtual or In Person.

Starting at 15€ Per Group Session (1hr) & 55€ Private Yoga Session (1hr)

Private Yoga Session (1hr)

In a private session, Blandine can fully customize the class to meet the individual's specific needs, wants, and level. Each session starts with a brief meditation or pranayama (breathing techniques) to help relax the mind and focus on the present moment. This is followed by some stretching exercises and a few rounds of sun salutations. Then, Blandine leads the individual through a series of yoga postures tailored to their ability and goals. The class usually ends with savasana (relaxation), where essential oils, neck, and head massages are often included to enhance the relaxation experience.

Small Group Sessions (5 people, 1hr)

Blandine offers group yoga classes that cater to all levels and are held in person in Lisbon. Each class begins with a brief meditation or pranayama session, followed by stretching exercises. The class then moves on to a series of sun salutations, yoga postures, and savasana relaxation techniques, often accompanied by the use of essential oils and neck and head massage. The schedule for group classes will be available soon.

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