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Virtual or In Person.

Numerology for Professional Fulfillment - 96€ (90 mins)

Numerology for Entrepreneurs - 170€ (2hrs)

Numerology Readings 

Numerology is known as the universal language of numbers, and so through our full name and date of birth, we can gain greater insight and understanding of who we are, allowing us to embrace our full potential. 

Through your full name and date of birth, you will be able to obtain an analysis on: 

  • Your character and personality; 

  • Your talents and strengths; 

  • Your Life Purpose and key experiences from past lives; 

  • Key learnings inherited from our family; 

  • The main challenges/limiting beliefs are more present; 

  • The energy present in key moments (Personal Year, different life cycles and pinnacles). 


Numerology invites us to look at ourselves from a new perspective, enabling new possibilities, hence bringing a different result to our lives. 

Numerology for Professional Fulfillment 

This is a numerology reading that includes a recording, and a workbook written map, a  designed for those who sense they have untapped potential but are uncertain about their next professional steps. They find themselves at a crossroads and aspire to gain better self-understanding, discovering who they truly are their likes, and their desires. With this tool, they can identify their inherent talents and potential, enabling them to outline a plan for a professional life filled with greater motivation, joy, and purpose. 

Numerology for Entrepreneurs 

This is aimed at entrepreneurs who want to align themselves with the energy of their Project. This is a numerology reading, complete with a written chart, recording, and workbook, designed for those who wish to dive into self-discovery, unlock their potential, and lead a personal and professional life filled with more pleasure, joy, and ease. They seek to gain greater clarity and confidence in their decision-making to embrace a project aligned with their values and purpose, allowing them to better serve their clients and make a positive impact. 

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