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Astrology: Chart Reading

Virtual or In Person.

30 mins reading - €44.44
60 mins reading - €88.88
90 mins readings - €111.11

Healing, according to Martina, is not a linear event. It doesn't follow an invariable path, as it welcomes the mess with the orderly, the clear with the confused, the new with the saged. Just like the nature of our lives. Sometimes, it flows, and at other times, it requires us to remember why we set on the journey of healing in the first place. But it always takes practice. And practice takes time. One of the main healing arts which followed Yoga in Martina’s own path and which she felt called to explore further was Astrology. For her, it was the practice that brought everything together. She now shares it with you, as your guide and facilitator. She invites you to explore your own path of co-creation, your own magic and your own signature self, together with her. Once we understand that the language of the stars is there to guide us and give us our dreams and desires, we begin to live with more acceptance and start taking aligned action towards a life fulfilled. What sounds like simple buzzwords is, in fact, the way in which we begin to live. As we are. Whole.

Martina offers natal chart readings, solar returns, annual readings, synastry and composite readings (relationship charts), parent-child readings, specific questions and more. Her signature readings include the Nodal Axis, Chiron – the wounded healer and parent-child synastry. She is a Western Astrologer who also uses Vedic techniques. Her Astrology consultations are practical, playful and thorough.

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